Registration Fee

NBT Non-Refundable Rally Registration Fee—$250

The Non-Refundable Rally Registration Fee helps to cover the administrative costs involved in planning and preparing for your Rally.
As indicated by its title, this fee is due upon registration, is not refundable, and it is a separate fee, not a deposit towards your rally cost.

Rally Cost

The Rally Cost ("NBT Investment") is made up of three main categories—the Rally Investment, the Booster Investment, and Additional Investments

NBT Rally Investment—$950

The Rally Investment covers the general costs for each rally and includes the following:
• Training Kit
• Evangelist Travel
• Shipping and Handling

Booster/Teen Investment - $6.25 per Booster/Teen

The Booster Investment is based on the NBT enrollment and covers all of the registration/record materials, a handbook for each child, daily gifts for each child, awards, and 100+ beautiful ribbons.

Additional Investments

The Additional Investments will vary from church to church (depending on the needs of each church) and include the following:
• Love offering for your evangelists.  The amounts will vary, but please collect a love offering and send whatever may come in for the men!
  (The love offerings go toward their Bible college bill.)
• Food and lodging for the evangelists
• Teaching Books – $18 per book

• Baggage Fee – $30 per evangelist  (This fee will be removed from your invoice if not necessary for your evangelists' travel arrangements.)
• Promotional materials (optional, but recommended)

Here are some examples of rally costs (separate from the $250 Non-Refundable Rally Registration Fee):

Cost Example for Rally of 50
 Cost Example for Rally of 120
Basic Rally Investment
 Basic Rally Investment
Booster/Teen Investment (50)
$312.50 Booster/Teen Investment (120)
Additional Investments
  Additional Investments
Teaching Books x 2
Teaching Books x 6
Baggage Fee x 2
Baggage Fee x 2

Special offerings taken during the week of NBT help
to cover some of the costs of having a rally.

When Do We Need To Pay?

The separate $250 Non-Refundable Rally Registration Fee is due upon your Rally Registration.  The payment for your Rally is due in full at the closing of your Rally.  (You will be given a Rally Invoice at the close of your Rally to calculate your exact cost.)