Thank you for your interest in donating to the ministry of Neighborhood Bible Time!

Neighborhood Bible Time is 501(c)(3) organization and all donations will be properly receipted.

Donate via Zelle

NOTE: Zelle is NBT's preferred payment method.

Many banks have partnered with Zelle, so you may be able to use it directly within your bank's website or banking app, but there is also a Zelle app available in case your bank is not included.  Zelle allows you to send money electronically using your bank account or debit card (no credit cards).  Zelle also allows you to set up automatically recurring transactions!

What You Need to Know. . . .

When you go to add NBT as a recipient. . . .

Select "This is a Business."

Business Name - For the sake of recognizing it in your history and contact list, you can certainly call us NBT or Neighborhood Bible Time as you enter our information . . . but please be aware that our official legal name (and the one associated with Zelle) is Proclaiming the Truth, Inc.  Therefore, in the process of sending the donation, it will probably ask you to confirm that Proclaiming the Truth, Inc is the correct recipient.  Yes, that's us!

Proclaiming the Truth, Inc (dba Neighborhood Bible Time) 

Contact Information - The e-mail address associated with our Zelle account is [email protected].

Tax Receipts / Memo - Zelle does not provide us with donor contact information so, if you would like to receive a receipt from NBT in January for tax purposes, we'll need you to include your e-mail address in the memo/message line of your Zelle transaction.

Once you have added NBT into your Zelle contacts and history, any future transactions from the same account should be super quick and simple!

Donate via Check

Donations may be sent via check to:              Neighborhood Bible Time
We send tax receipts annually in January.     P.O. Box 57
                                                                        Bristol, IL 60512-0057

Donate via PayPal Giving Fund

PayPal Giving Fund processes through PayPal, so you can pay via credit card, debit card, or directly from your bank account.  We will collect a few relevant details from you for contact purposes, then direct you to our PayPal Giving Fund page where you can process your donation.  Unfortunately, this method does not offer the option of automatically recurring online donations.

NOTE: Your tax receipt will come from PayPal Giving Fund instead of Neighborhood Bible Time, and the transaction will also be identified in your PayPal account activity as a "Donation via PayPal Giving Fund for Proclaiming the Truth, INC."

Thank you again for your interest in investing in Neighborhood Bible Time.  Your donation will be used to help train evangelists and reach children and teens with the truths of the Gospel!

Larry L. Koontz
Director of NBT