To pay via ACH bank transfer or debit card, we encourage you to use External link opens in new tab or windowZelle:

NOTE: Zelle is NBT's preferred payment method.

Many banks have partnered with Zelle, so you may be able to use it directly within your bank's website or banking app, but there is also a Zelle app available in case your bank is not included.  Zelle allows you to send money electronically using your bank account or debit card (no credit cards).

What You Need to Know. . . .

When you go to add NBT as a recipient. . . .

Select "This is a Business."

Business Name - For the sake of recognizing it in your history and contact list, you can certainly call us NBT or Neighborhood Bible Time as you enter our information . . . but please be aware that our official legal name (and the one associated with Zelle) is Proclaiming the Truth, Inc.  Therefore, in the process of sending the payment, it will probably ask you to confirm that Proclaiming the Truth, Inc is the correct recipient.  Yes, that's us!

Proclaiming the Truth, Inc (dba Neighborhood Bible Time) 

Contact Information - The e-mail address associated with our Zelle account is [email protected].

Identification / Memo - Zelle does not provide us with your contact information, so we ask that you please include your city and state in the memo so we can accurately identify your payment.

Once you have added NBT into your Zelle contacts and history, any future transactions from the same account should be super quick and simple!

To pay via paper check, mail a check payable to Neighborhood Bible Time to:

Neighborhood Bible Time

P.O. Box 57

Bristol, IL 60512-0057

To pay with a credit card, we encourage you to use External link opens in new tab or windowPayPal:

Please understand that PayPal will charge NBT a processing fee of 2.2% + $0.30 for each transaction.  It would be a blessing to NBT if you would choose to add all or part of that fee amount into your payment to help us offset the expense of your PayPal transaction.

As noted above with the Zelle details, our PayPal account is likewise identified by our official legal name, "Proclaiming the Truth, INC" (though we do business as Neighborhood Bible Time), and is found by looking up [email protected] or @4NBT.

Please contact the NBT office with any questions.