Neighborhood Bible Time is an outreach to your Jerusalem mission field - the children, teens, and families in the vicinity of your church. Our vision is to reach youth, the most responsive mission field of today. We desire to open the doors of their homes to the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your entire church family will partner with NBT to accomplish this outreach through sincere prayer, love for the lost, and personal sacrifice.

Two trained NBT Evangelists will give twelve to fourteen hours each day to lead your church's rally for souls. The Evangelists use the Bible as their textbook. During the rally they will lead the children in reading, singing, and memorizing the Word of God. The children will experience praying, soul winning, and powerful preaching. Each day they will be able to flood their homes with the good news of the Gospel through their take-home Bible lessons, daily gifts, Scripture memory, and singing.

The teens will gather each evening for competitive games, skits, and food. The center of the teen rally is the preaching of God's Word. Every message clearly challenges the teens through Christ-centered preaching on salvation, holy living, and living the dedicated life. Teens are challenged to memorize Scripture and bring friends and neighborhood teens each night.

The combined dedication and teamwork of the two young men and your people will change your church and local Jerusalem mission field. Neighborhood Bible Time is a spirit-filled youth outreach that will create community awareness, goodwill, and a sincere response to the Gospel.