Application for the 2024 NBT Evangelistic Team

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• Application

1. Give the reasons why you are interested in serving Christ on the NBT Evangelistic Team.
2. From whom and how did you hear about NBT?
3. Can you subscribe fully to the External link opens in new tab or windowNBT Statement of Faith?    Yes      No
    Any reservations?     Yes      No       If so, please explain in detail below.
4. Are you a Calvinist?    Yes      No       Any comments?
5. Are you or have you been married? Engaged? (Wedding Date?)
    Do you date?    Often      Occasionally       Seldom        Why?
6. Did you grow up in a Fundamental church? Are your parents saved?
    Are you saved? Describe how and when you became sure you were saved.
7. State briefly your philosophy about Christian living.
8. List your experiences in Christian work.
9. Do you like to preach? Describe your preaching opportunities.
10. Do you enjoy working with children? To what ages do you best relate? Why?
11. Can you carry a tune well enough to lead singing? What are your special talents or abilities?
12. Please state your attitude toward prayer.
13. Do you have a daily Quiet Time of Bible reading and prayer? How often each week?
      How much time is devoted to your daily Quiet Time?
14. Are you called to full-time Christian service? If yes, what do you believe the Lord would have you do?
15. Do you faithfully witness? When did you last lead a soul to Christ?
16. What is your Major? Minor? GPA?
17. Describe your pre-college schooling (Home, Christian, Public):
18. Have you or are you presently serving in the military?
19. Do you listen to Contemporary Christian Music at or away from school?
20. Have you ever been on probation for grades or conduct? If yes, please explain.
21. Are your parents living? Are they separated? Divorced?
      If yes, with whom do you live when at home?
      Were you adopted into your present family?
      How many brothers do you have? How many sisters do you have?
      What number are you in birth order?
      Father's name:
His occupation?
      Mother's name:
Her occupation?
22. Do you have any allergies? If yes, please list them.
      Are you taking any medications? If yes, please list them.
23. Do you have any physical handicaps or medical conditions? Describe.
24. Have you ever had any serious personality conflicts with other people? If yes, please explain.
25. Have you ever had psychiatric care? If yes, please explain.
      Have you ever used illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco? If yes, which, and how recently?
26. Are you willing for NBT to run a criminal background check? If no, please explain.
27. Do you have a valid Driver's License? State?
      Have you driven a bus? Do you have a CDL?
28. Have you ever been arrested? If yes, what was/were the charge(s)?
29. Have you ever been accused of sexual misconduct? Explain.
      Have you been or are you now addicted to pornography? Explain.
      When was the last time you viewed pornography?
30. Do you have any tattoos? If so, where?
31. What are your hobbies?
32. In what sports have you participated?
33. How well do you adjust to change?    Quickly      Average       Slowly
      How are you with details?    Good      Average       Weak
34. Are you willing to be challenged beyond your present scope of learning and methods for doing things?
35. If accepted to serve on the NBT Evangelistic Team, would your parents approve?
36. Give the names and complete addresses of three reliable people (not students or relatives) who could be contacted for references. Please give only one reference from your present college. It is extremely important that you print complete names and addresses.
Reference #1


 Street Address:

 City, State, Zip:

 Phone Number:

Reference #2


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 City, State, Zip:
 Phone Number:
Reference #3

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 Phone Number: